7th Grade OAAs Are Almost Here!

Oh no there is only 34 days left until my 7th Grade Math OAA.

I’m very nervous. I know I shouldn’t be because I’m very good at math that’s why I’m in Advanced Math. I can’t help but feel like I’m going to fail because there is still some stuff that I’ve learned that I don’t completely know yet and there is still a lot of things we haven’t done yet. I just hope the stress at home with my parents splitting up doesn’t effect my school work and I can still focus on what’s important in life. And this would be school work and studying that is important in life.


Dear Mr. McGuire

Hi Mr.McGuire. How are you doing this year? I hope your having as great of a school year as I am at McDowell!

How much has Laurelville changed since the last day of school last year? How many people do you have in a class? Who teaches Social Studies and Science now? How do the kids have gym if Mr. Congrove is over here at Mcdowell?

Please answer my questions because I’ve been thinking about this for a while now!

Am I Classy? Do People Think I’m Classy? Who Do I Consider Classy?

In the Reading Workshop we are talking about class. We are also talking about if we think we are a classy person and who we think is a classy person.

think of myself as a classy person because I’ve kept one of my friends secrets that was really serious for 5 years. I’m also honest and don’t tell lies. Like somebody came up to me and asked me what my friends secret was and I said, ” I’m not telling you” and I walked away.

I think most people consider me as a classy person, but some people I think don’t consider me a classy person though. I only have a few friends but the ones I have trust me with there secrets and don’t lie about things to me.

One day this year a girl was treating me like trash and was threatening me. The fight was going on for almost a week. It got so bad I even cried. Then the girl I was having problems with came up to me so I got up and walked away. The next think I no Jessica ran between me and the girl I was having problems with when I had my back turned and stopped her from punching me. Jessica is one person who I think is classy and I can look up to her no matter what.

D.A.R.E. Essay

D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. I thought that D.A.R.E. was a very fun program and had a lot of information on why to stay away from drugs. I hope everyone of my peers stay away from drugs so they can have a drug free happy life like I plan to have.

In D.A.R.E. I learned about two drugs that you smoke and they are cigarettes and marijuana . I learned that you must be at least 18 to smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes cause lung cancer which is caused from all the tar that builds up on the lungs from the cigarette smoke. Cigarettes can also cause bad breath and yellow teeth. I also learned that not only can the smoker be effected from the smoke but it also effects the people around the smoker breathing in the smoke. This is called second hand smoking. Then there is Marijuana which is an illegal drug. It causes ling cancer, breathing problems, loss of the ability to concentrate, and it slows coordinations and reflexes.

Then there is chewing tobacco which is like cigarettes but you don’t smoke it. You have to be at least 18 to use chewing tobacco just like cigarettes. Chewing tobacco causes mouth cancer. It can also cause yellow, rotting teeth, bad breath, and gum disease.

Then we learned about a drug you drink which is called alcohol. Alcohol causes brain damage. It can also cause mouth,throat, and liver cancer. Alcohol can cause high blood pressure which increases the chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

Deputy Thomas brought in Smoking Susie who smokes cigarettes to demon straight how much tar covers your lungs from just one cigarette. I was surprised when he said that an ounce of tar covers your lungs with just one cigarette. You would think that if cigarettes did that to your lungs you would try everything to stop smoking because without your lungs you would die and the tar from smoking is killing your lungs so eventually it will kill you.

He also brought out Mr. Dip Lip who chews tobacco. He had yellow rotting teeth with I thought was quite nasty and I wondered why people do drugs if they did that to your teeth because teeth are very important.

There are five types of peer pressure and they are friendly, teasing, indirect, heavy, and positive. There are eight ways to say no to drugs and they are say “no thanks”, Give an excuse or reason, broken record, walk away change the subject, avoid the subject, cold shoulder, and strength in numbers.

To stay away from drugs I play outside with my brother. I also play video games and on the computer. Sometimes I like playing cards and board games with my family. The thing I love doing best is being with my dog and training her to do new things. Next year I’m thinking of joining soccer because it’s my favorite sport.

So I, Megan Budnick, promise to stay away from drugs. I will only do healthy and fun activities. I will help friends say no to drugs and if I have kids I will teach them about drugs and why they need to stay away from them.

My Group At Camp Oty Okwa

At Camp Oty Okwa my group I had people I knew, but I also had people who I didn’t know all that well. My group number was 2 and it had Ashlee J., Jessica W., Rhianna L., Mark S., Stephan D., Tyler W., Austin P., Chase W., and Me in it.

The first day when I heard who was in my group I was like well great I have four people I know and five people I don’t know. When we went on our first class (which was initiatives) we traced Chase’s body and wrote things not to say to others on the outside of his body and things to say to others on the inside of his body.

Then we got in a circle and we had to hold hands and at first I was like yuck I don’t want to hold his hand but then I had to. There was a hula-hoop and two people put there arms through it and held hands again. We had to work together to get it all the way around the circle without letting go of each others hands and believe me when I say that it was hard. But with a little teamwork we managed to get it all the way around the circle.

Then we played two games one about lizards and another about tanks. We played the one about lizards first. We used a ping pong-ball for the egg and we had half pipes and we had to get the ping-pong ball into the tin can and we made it on the second try.

Then we played the game with tanks and I was a tank the first time and Ashlee was the commander. I was blindfolded and we had a blindfold for our ammo and we had to hit the other tanks three times then they would be out and I won the first round but the second round I lost.

Later we had to get through a spider web (made of rope) without touching it because if we did then all the people who made it had to go back and restart. The first time everybody tried to get through by themselves but that didn’t work then Stephan said, ” climb on my back and jump through the big gap on the top of the web” and he got on his back. When we did that we all made it except one person so she got spider lotion (pretend) which let her use her hands to pull the gap wider so she could fit.

Then we became ants on a log searching for food for our queen. Jessica was the queen in the middle and the rest of us were scavengers. The log was pry 4 inches wide and it was slippery from all the rain and the people on each side of Jessica had to get to the other side without falling off or we would have had to start all over again. We tried and tried but we couldn’t do it we tried carrying people and having the walk over us but we kept falling off. Then our time was up so we failed but it was a fun challenge.

Then we went to lunch but we mostly talked to our buddies and not much to the people we didn’t know that well. The only time we talked to the people we didn’t know that well was to pass the drink or food. The girls talked to each other and the boys talked to each other.

During the second class on the first day we used composes and paces to find flags that had our colored card in it and we took that card. There were also question cards that we had to answer. It was fun but it was hard because I kept losing track of my paces because my partner was counting differently then what I was.

There was a guy named Justin that a girl in my group that told me that she thought he was hot and I ran by him and yelled, “She thinks you’re hot!” She was blushing, laughing, and crying at the same time. Everybody started bursting out laughing but she didn’t and Justin didn’t either they were just blushing away.

Then we had dinner. We started to talk to others a little more but not a lot. We started to get to know each other a bit more with every sentence we said. I had a feeling that my group was going to get along just fine.

On the second day we ate breakfast. Some people were talking and some people weren’t. Some people were talking to people from other tables and some people were talking to people beside them. I mostly talked to Ashlee, Jessica, and Rhianna.

When we were all done we were off to the creek study but because of the rain we stayed inside and played games. We played a game where we were insects. It was kinda like sharks and minnows. We had to run from one side of the lunch room to the other without getting tagged three times. Some people had to spin the whole time until they got to the finish, run to the middle then stop and do a push up then run to the finish, hop in a potato sack to the finish, or just run as fast as you can.

It was lunch time and everybody was talking to everybody and so was I. Everybody was having a blast. It was a great day besides the rain that is.

Then we went to Split Rock. I took a lot of pictures of it because it was a very interesting place. We walked through it and ever crawled through some very tight places. It was a blast.

On the third day (which was our last day)when we were at breakfast everybody was talking and having a good time. Everybody was talking about how they didn’t want camp to end. It was fun because everybody was getting to know everybody better instead of only talking to the people who they usually hang out with and know a lot about.

Then we had Pioneering and we went to the Hidden Cave. It was the most beautifulest places I’ve ever been. I hope I can go back there soon with my parents so they can see the beauty of it.

made candles and medicine bags. I got to make candles first. It took a long time because we had to dip the wick in the cold water for ten seconds then in the hot wax for five seconds and it felt like it took and hour to get my candle made. After I had my candle made I found a little flower and stuck it on my candle and dipped it in the wax and water five more times.

Then I made a medicine bag. It was made of leather and I had to use a nail to puncture holes into it so then I could thread string into the holes and put beads on the string. I also put feathers on it so it would look a little better than what it already looked.

When it was time for lunch we knew everybody a lot better and so did I. Everybody was talking to everybody. Everybody was having a good time including me. I was sad that that was our last day and I wish we could stay longer but I guess we couldn’t.

Then it was time to climb the climbing wall. I was the second one to climb it. I got my harness on and said, “on belay” and Jeremy said, “belay on” and I said, ” climb on” and I started to climb. My fingers were getting sore and I was getting ready to give up but then people started cheering my name and I knew I had to keep going. Almost there only a few steps to go I reach but my hands slip and I fall back a few steps. People start cheering louder and I climb higher and higher. My fingers were killing me but I kept going. The bell is just an inch out of reach and I step up on one more rock and reach and the bell goes ding ding ding as I ring it. I say, “elevator” and Jeremy says, “elevator on” and I lean back letting Jeremy walk forwards with the rope letting me down to the ground gently.

Then we played a game in the gym before it was time to go. Willow said something like your favorite color, animal, breakfast food, dinner food, or dessert then we had to get into groups that had the same things as us. Then when Willow points at us we had to scream what it was as loud as we could.

Then it was time to go. On the bus everybody was singing songs like Firework, Farmers Daughter, Dynamite,  and Grenade. Then when we were turning into the schools parking lot everybody put there windows down and started singing Replay as loud as they could.

When I got home I had my mom unpack my stuff and I fell on the couch, I slept from 2:15 to 6:30. I would have slept longer but my mom woke me up because she said, “You’re not going to want to sleep to-night if you keep sleeping.” So I stayed up and told my mom about camp and showed her pictures on my camera that I took at camp. Then when I was done I sat on the couch thinking about my group and how much they changed during camp.

I noticed an extreme change in my group including me from the first day to the last. I think some people even made some new friends that they thought they would never be friends with. I know that I made a few new friends and the people that I was already friends with we became even better friends.

Friend Or Foe?

I thought she was my friend,

but I guess I was wrong.

I wish I never believed

that we were meant to be friends.

We used to have fun

no matter where we were,

but now all we do

is fight and argue over everything.

We used to tell each other secrets

that were serious and true,

now we tell each other lies

that we tell other people each others true secrets.

I wish I could forget

our good times,

because we won’t have any more

just bad time full of lies and hatred.

I wish we never became friends

because this is tearing me apart,

all I ever wanted

was a friend to be there for me when I need them.

I guess we were just not meant to be friends

because she causes me pain

inside my heart which may never heal

because of her leaving me in her dust of cruelness.

Camp Is Coming Up Soon!

Camp is coming up next week. I’m so excited because I get get away from my house and school for 3 days and get to have fun and explore the wonderful place I call the Great Outdoors. I can’t wait until my countdown hits 0.

I already have my things packed up and ready to go for May 2nd ,3rd , and 4th. I have my sleeping bag, duffel bag, and cloths and shoes ready to go on a great adventure.I hope it is as fun as what everybody says it is.

I think my favorite thing will be the creek study or the wall climb. I think this because before I moved to the house I live at now I had a creek and my mom, my dad, and I used to walk in it trying to catch crawdads or find pretty rocks and shells. One time we even walked all the way to the end and the water was all the  way up to my neck so I had to climb up on my dad’s shoulders! I think I’ll like the wall climb because I’ve never climbed up a wall climb so I’ll think it would be fun trying something new and accomplishing one of my fears which is of heights.

Image from http://campotyokwalodging.com/

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