Am I Classy? Do People Think I’m Classy? Who Do I Consider Classy?

In the Reading Workshop we are talking about class. We are also talking about if we think we are a classy person and who we think is a classy person.

think of myself as a classy person because I’ve kept one of my friends secrets that was really serious for 5 years. I’m also honest and don’t tell lies. Like somebody came up to me and asked me what my friends secret was and I said, ” I’m not telling you” and I walked away.

I think most people consider me as a classy person, but some people I think don’t consider me a classy person though. I only have a few friends but the ones I have trust me with there secrets and don’t lie about things to me.

One day this year a girl was treating me like trash and was threatening me. The fight was going on for almost a week. It got so bad I even cried. Then the girl I was having problems with came up to me so I got up and walked away. The next think I no Jessica ran between me and the girl I was having problems with when I had my back turned and stopped her from punching me. Jessica is one person who I think is classy and I can look up to her no matter what.