Martha, Martha, Martha

I’m writing about a post on the Reading Workshop called The Life Of A Test Grader & Your Test

It sounds like Martha was having a very bad day. First her daughters babysitter called and said she couldn’t come so she had to take her to her sisters who lived 20 miles away then her daughter spilled her cereal so she had t clean it up then she spilled her coffee all over her shirt and had t get one out of the dirties. By the time she got to work she was late and wanted a diet coke but she didn’t have any change to bye one the her boss yelled at her and said she wasn’t allowed to take a break until she had all the tests graded.

If I was Martha and had to grade it I would first grade the 4 point questions then the 2 point questions. I would grade multiple choice questions last because there would be a machine to grade them so they would be the easiest. I would go through them carefully so I wouldn’t make any mistakes so I wouldn’t have to do them again.

When the boss yelled at Martha and I was her I would of told him everything that happened and if he didn’t listen then I would of said that I quit and left. Martha’s boss sounds like a horrible and mean person, I hate being late but I hate getting yelled at for being late when I have a good excuse even more.


Key Hints To Doing Well On OAAs

Next week is the reading OAA and the math OAA.

On tests I use hints that I’ve learned in the past like:

1.) Restate the question.

2.) Reread your response.

3.) Look back at the passage.

4.) Check your PUGs.

5.) Answer what the question is asking.

6.) Stay on topic.

These are things I do at school.

Things I do at home is:

1.) Get a good nights sleep.

2.) STUDY.

3.) Eat a healthy breakfast.

I hope these tips help anybody who reads this.

How I Feel About The Upcoming OAAs

nervous that I’m not going to do good on the OAA. I just hope that I can get at least a 400 on it. My parents say that I’ll do fine on it but I still have a hint of doubt.

I’m pretty smart so I might do a good job on the OAA. I’ve done a good job on previous OAAs so I’ll pry do good on this one. So I’m going to concentrate and do my best during the OAA which is next week!!!!

I hope that there wont be a lot of written responses because I do okay on them but I don’t do great on them. I do really good on multiple choices because then I can use process of elimination.

Mr.McGuire is a good teacher and has taught me a lot of new things so I’ll pry do a good job. So I would like to think you Mr.McGuire for being such a awesome teacher. I will never forget you.

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Nobody’s Perfect

In the Reading Workshop we are reading Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days by Stephen Manes.

I don’t know much about being perfect because that’s something that I’m definitely not. In fact nobody is perfect. People may think that they’re perfect but they’re is always stuff that they’re hiding from others that they’re not so perfect at.

I know a person from Logan who has her group of girlfriends that she hangs out with. But one day I found out that she wasn’t a very good speller. I know this because I had her spelling test to grade and she missed six out of fifteen words.

My brother says he’s perfect and I believed him but awhile ago we went to my grandpa’s house and he said,”I’m perfect at going down stairs now.” then when we got to the stairs my brother started crying saying,” I’m scared to go down stairs. Sissy will you carry me down.” and I said,”No, you said you were perfect at going down stairs so do it yourself” and he said,”Please Sissy I’m scared. I’m not perfect at going down stairs. There I said it now will you carry me down?” and I said fine but remember nobody is perfect.” and he said,”Thank you Sissy you’re the best and I promise not to say I’m perfect again.”

So don’t forget that nobody is perfect except our wonderful teacher Mr.McGuire (not really).

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I thought I would describe myself using adjetives that start for the beginning letters for every letter in my first name.

M is for marvelous,

E is for exciting,

G is for guilty,

A is for appreciative,

N is for nice.

Poor Chloe Doe

In the Reading Workshop I’m reading Chloe Doe by Suzanne Phillips. This is a sad book about the life of Chloe Doe.

Chloe Doe had a pretty bad childhood. Her dad left her mom, her big sister and her when she was was just a baby. Her mom has had many boyfriends after that who abused her and her big sister. Then when Chloe got older her mom abandoned them.

The only good things about her childhood was that her big sister always played with her. Chloe and her big sister had a good relationship except for the times where she was a total butt head to Chloe and said that she would never be her best friend because she’s younger than her. Chloe and her big sister had many secrets like the time when her big sister had an accident in the bed.

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Freak The Mighty

In the Reading Workshop Mr.McGuire is reading aloud to the class Freak The Mighty by Rodman Philbrick.

I think that it wasn’t a good idea to put Max in with the higher achievers. I think this because Max isn’t very smart so I think he’ll get lost in the lessons because he wont no what the teachers are trying to teach. Max might get held back because he might not be able to understand the lessons.

I would much rather be in a class where everyone is mixed together. I would want this because you can learn off of other peoples’ mistakes so you can do better next time you do what you made a mistake in.

I wouldn’t want to be in a class where everyone is separated. I wouldn’t want this because then there wouldn’t be any bullying from the people how really get the subject to the people who are totally lost in the subject.

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