Camp Is Coming Up Soon!

Camp is coming up next week. I’m so excited because I get get away from my house and school for 3 days and get to have fun and explore the wonderful place I call the Great Outdoors. I can’t wait until my countdown hits 0.

I already have my things packed up and ready to go for May 2nd ,3rd , and 4th. I have my sleeping bag, duffel bag, and cloths and shoes ready to go on a great adventure.I hope it is as fun as what everybody says it is.

I think my favorite thing will be the creek study or the wall climb. I think this because before I moved to the house I live at now I had a creek and my mom, my dad, and I used to walk in it trying to catch crawdads or find pretty rocks and shells. One time we even walked all the way to the end and the water was all the  way up to my neck so I had to climb up on my dad’s shoulders! I think I’ll like the wall climb because I’ve never climbed up a wall climb so I’ll think it would be fun trying something new and accomplishing one of my fears which is of heights.

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